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JEXPO 2014 Model Question paper Sample questions & Answers

Here you can download JEXPO 2014 Model Question paper Sample questions & Answers. Do you want to download West Bengal JEXPO 2014 Question paper, sample Questions, previous year Question papers which will helpful for the candidates for their preparation. West Bengal State Council of technical Education will conduct the JEXPO every year for the Admission of Students into Diploma Courses in Engineering / Technology in the Polytechnics colleges of the State of West Bengal in the Academic year 2014-15. So candidates who applied for the Admission in WB during this year 2014-15 can check the model question papers 2014 to know the exam pattern, syllabus, sample Questions, Type of Questions asked, Total Number of Questions etc.,

JEXPO 2014 Exam will be conducted by West Bengal State Council of technical Education for the students who completed 12th class in West Bengal and seeking Admission into Diploma Courses in Engineering / Technology courses in Polytechnics colleges of West Bengal in the academic year 2014-15.

The JEXPO 2014 Question paper comprised of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics subject Multiple Choice Questions for the total 200 marks.

1. Physics : 50 Question  50 Marks
2. Chemistry : 50 Question 50 Marks
3. Mathematics : 100 Question 100 Marks.

Physics Sample Questions:
1. If the wavelength of sound wave increases the pitch of sound
Ans.: (A) Decreases
2. A metallic wire of specific resistance s is stretched in such a way that its length is doubled and area of cross section is halved. Then the specific resistance of the wire will be
Ans.:(B) s/2
3. If a glass prism is placed inside water then its dispersive power
(B) Decreases
4. In case of vibration the restoring force is
Ans.:(A) proportional to displacement
Chemistry Sample Questions:

51.CuSO45H2O---T1----CuSO4,H2----T2---CuSO4 In this process T1 ad T2 are respectively as
Ans.: (C) 125°C and 200°C
52. Excess ammonia on reaction with Cl2 gas forms
Ans.: (C) NCl3
53. Nitrolim is a mixture of
Ans.: (B) CaCN2 and C
54. For HNO3 identification, we run 'ring test', the composition of which is
Ans.: (C) Fe(NO)(H2O)5SO4
Maths Sample Questions:
1. If A:B=2:5, B:C=8:11,C:D=11:12, D:E=13:14, then A:E is equal to-
ANs.: If my calculation not wrong then answer should be 26:105 (no such options are given)
2. The average of three numbers is 135. The largest number is 180 and the difference of others is 25. The smallest number is
Ans.: (A) 100
3. In a mixture of 45 liters, the ratio of milk and water is 3:2. The quantity of water that should be added to make the ratio 9:11 is
Ans.: (B) 15 liters
4. A student multiplied a number x by 3/5 instead of 5/3. The error in the calculation is
Ans.: (D) 64%

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