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TANCET 2014 Syllabus for M.E ECE, CSE, IT, EEE, Instrumentation Mechanical Engineering Exam Pattern

Here You can find TANCET 2014 Syllabus for M.E ECE,CSE, IT, EEE, Instrumentation Mechanical Engineering Entrance Exam Pattern conducted by Anna University. Tamilnadu Common Entrance Test 2014 Syllabus for the M.E, ECE, CSE, IT, EEE, Instrumentation Mechanical Engineering. TANCET 2014 will be held by Anna University on behalf of Tamil Nadu Government on 22 March 2014 & 23 March 2014.

Candidates who completed any Graduation and applied for M.B.A, M.C.A, M.E Engineering in any specialization are looking for the Syllabus, Exam Pattern, type of Questions to crack the Exam.

The question paper will have three parts.
Part-I and Part-II are compulsory and common to all and
Part-III the candidates have to choose any one section out of 14 based on his/her sepecialisation.

Part I: 30 Questions.
Part II: 45 Questions
Part III: 40/45 Questions.

Each Wrong Answer will carry -0.25 marks.

Syllabus for all branches (Common to all):

i)      Determinants and Matrices : Solving system of equations – Rank of the Matrix – Eigenvalues and eigenvectors – Reduction of quadratic form to canonical form. ii)     Calculus and Differential Equations : Partial derivatives – Jacobians – Taylor’s expansion - Maxima and Minima. Linear ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients – Simultaneous first order linear equations with constant coefficients. Formation of partial differential equation (PDE) - Solution of first order PDE – Solution of linear higher order PDE with constant coefficients. iii)  Vector Calculus : Double and triple integrations and their applications – Gradient, Divergence, Curl and Laplacian – Green’s, Gauss divergence and Stroke’s theorem. iv)  Functions of Complex Variables and Complex Integration : Analytic functions – Conformal Mapping – Bilinear transformation – Cauchy’s integral theorem and integral formula – Taylor and Laurent Series – Singularities – Residues – Residue theorem and its applications. v)    Transforms : Laplace Transform – Inverse transforms – Application to solution of linear ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients. Fourier integral theorem – Fourier transform pair – Sine and Cosine transforms. -transform – Inverse Z-transform – Solution of difference equations using Z- transform. vi)      Numerical Methods : Solution of linear system by direct and iterative methods – Interpolation and approximation – Numerical Differentiation and Integration – Solving Ordinary Differential Equations. vii)  Applied Probability : Probability and Random variables – Standard Discrete and Continuous distribution – Moments – Moment generating function and their properties. Two-Dimensional Random Variables – Covariance – Correlation and Regression.


i)     Applied Mechanics : Law of Mechanics – Lame’s theorem – Forces, Moments and Couples - Displacement, velocity and Acceleration – Friction – Moment of Inertia. ii)   Mechanical Engineering : Laws of thermodynamics – Open and closed systems – Equation of state -   Heat and Work. iii)  Physics : Sound – Latices – Ultrasonic flaw detector – X-ray radiography – Interference Fringes - Planck’s quantum theory – Laser and Fibre Optics. iv)  Material Science : Fracture – Magnetic and Dielectric materials – Conductor and Semi conductor materials – Ceramic and Super conductor materials. v)    Civil Engineering : Fluid Statics and Dynamics – Boundary Layer – Pumps and Turbines - Environmental Pollution. vi)   Electrical Engineering : Ohm’s law – Kirchoff’s law – A.C. circuits – D.C. machines – Transformers -   Synchronous machines – Instrumentation. vii) Computers : Computer organization – Architecture – Arrays – Pointers – User defined function - C program. iii) Chemistry : Adsorption – Chromatography – Chemical kinetics – Electrochemistry – Spectroscopy -Fuels and Combustion.

Download TANCET 2014 Syllabus for each Specialization Here 

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